We work on conserving the Arabian Leopard through variety of Initiatives



Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN)

  • As part of our strategic five-year partnership with the Durrell Conservation Academy, we are sponsoring two students per course of the DURRELL ENDANGERED SPECIES MANAGEMENT GRADUATE CERTIFICATE (DESMAN) Program. We are proud to announce that our first two beneficiaries, Fatema Al Ghaithi from Oman and Mohammed Buali from Saudi Arabia, will be completing their Jersey-Based DESMAN Program in December.
  • The DESMAN Program is an intensive 12-week course, specifically designed to equip conservation professionals with a comprehensive range of skills to enhance their effectiveness in managing or participating in conservation projects. The course introduces students to the latest theories and practices of endangered species recovery and provides them with a wide variety of skills in facilitation, management, and leadership.
  • This fully sponsored opportunity not only underscores the importance of professional development in the field of conservation, but also fosters an environment of learning and growth for the next generation of conservation leaders. We anticipate that this initiative will have far-reaching impacts, empowering individuals to contribute significantly to the protection and preservation efforts for the Arabian leopard and other endangered species.



Arabian Leopard Keeping and Husbandry Skills Training

As part of our Capacity Building objectives, and in collaboration with the Royal Commission of AlUla, we have conducted the first Arabian Leopard Keeping and Husbandry Skills Training in October 2023. This program is designed to provide valuable, hands-on learning opportunities and skill development for those involved in the care of Arabian Leopards in the Arabian Peninsula. The training covers a broad range of topics, including animal husbandry, health, behavior, feeding, record keeping, reporting, and veterinary care. In this round, we also included Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) Training to impart best practices in husbandry and medical records management.

The Fund Scholarship Program

Collaborating with the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), we've initiated a unique scholarship program, specifically tailored for the individuals who are passionate about the conservation of the Arabian leopard and the wildlife. This special initiative will bestow 50 scholarships to the dedicated and deserving young residents of AlUla, allowing them to delve into a range of disciplines and academic pursuits that align with the requirements and challenges of safeguarding our precious Arabian leopard. As we champion the protection of the Arabian leopard and biodiversity in the region, we eagerly anticipate the transformative outcomes of these scholarships. We stand at the forefront of conservation efforts, and through these scholarships, we're empowering the next generation to carry this crucial mission forward.


The Arabian Leopard Grants

The Arabian Leopard Fund has launched a grants program to support initiatives and research related to the conservation of the Arabian leopard. Applications for this program are opened annually via the fund's website. Each grant can reach up to twenty thousand dollars, targeting projects related to the protection and conservation of the Arabian leopard and its habitats. The Arabian Leopard Fund Grant aims to encourage scientific research from researchers, institutions, and local communities, as well as initiatives that enhance the conservation of the Arabian leopard and biological diversity in the region.


The success of The Arabian Leopard Fund: It would not be possible without our partners, the following are some examples on the current and potential partners:


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Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

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Royal Commission for AIUIa

Royal Commission for AlUla

RCU was established in July 2017 to preserve and develop the 2,000-year-old archaeological and historical site of Al-Ula north-western Saudi Arabia


Panthera is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 species of wild cats and the vast ecosystems they inhabit.

Environment Authority

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National Centre for Wildlife

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